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We publish customs information.
If you are under the age of 18, please leave the room immediately .

New wives, young wives, mature women...Attractive "married women" in their 20s to 40s are waiting for you at our shop.
Married women have charm, techniques, erotic bodies, kindness, healing, caring, shyness, and lewdness that young girls don't have.
Please enjoy the obscene and fascinating love affair with a married woman to your heart's content.

[Yokohama/Kannai delivery health/customs situation]

Kannai Akebonocho is an old entertainment district located a short distance from Yokohama.
Minatomirai, Chinatown, Kannai Stadium, and Shin-Yokohama have Nissan Stadium and Yokohama Arena as sightseeing spots.
Bars and izakayas are also thriving, and for nightlife there are many cabaret clubs, hosts, store-type health, hotel health, and delivery health.
Such a long-established store [Honto no Hitozuma Yokohama Main Store], which is famous in Kanagawa Prefecture, is set up as a hotel health and a delivery health.
Delivery Health covers Yokohama, Shin-Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kannai, etc. in Kanagawa Prefecture, and travels to love hotels, business hotels, and anywhere in your home.
Meet at the station and go to a love hotel with a woman to feel unfaithful.
At Hotel Health, you can see photos in the store and walk to the love hotel as if you were a lover.

When you come to Yokohama, please visit [Honto no Maritsuma Yokohama Main Store].

We deliver from Kawasaki | Shin-Yokohama | Kannai.
On this website, we introduce images of girls, attendance charts, videos, gravure, discount information, etc. to get you interested in customs.
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